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A fierce competitor for Alwaleed Bin Talal awaiting results of investigations of corruption.

A fierce competitor for Alwaleed Bin Talal awaiting results of investigations of corruption.

Exposed Terminal “ABC” American News Saturday (18 November 2017) about Lebanese businessman who is waiting anxiously for the result of investigations into corruption cases with TalkTalk.

In the report it is observed that many Lebanese businessmen are currently working on anticipation the outcome of these arrests, indicating that these highlights, Chairman of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Pierre Daher which came at odds and litigation long before Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

The station said that Pierre Daher, founder of the first private television station in Lebanon in 1985, engaged in a fierce legal dispute before the Alwaleed Bin Talal since 2011, continue to position Daher sounded very vulnerable since it went into dispute with one of the richest businessmen in the world.

The station reported that Pierre entered in a judicial conflict in front of the UFC after he lost his influence in the LBC group any. “he also has influence with the production company and affiliate acquisition and known as” b-c and filtered in 2012 and was discharged about 400 of its workers who are still waiting for the UFC b N Talal to compensation.

The station noted that Prince Alwaleed and Lebanese businessman Pierre Daher, Chairman and ceo of LBC “station” had enjoyed good relations in the past that the Prince has pumped some money into LBC station “for the two men entered a number of differences that led to separated and isolated Daher m N down as “any”. Ended successfully on newborn differences dominate “station LBC sat and any company while taking Daher LBC channel.”

Hovnanian, which confirmed in judicial disputes before the newborn in many countries include Lebanon, Britain and the Cayman Islands for more than 100 million dollars from the UFC, he now feels optimistic he will win.

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