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Famous American hotel chain draws a warning for Saudis. “

Famous American hotel chain draws a warning for Saudis. “

American international life chain fired warning to customers in Saudi Arabia and 11 other countries, that their personal information may be subject to violation after discovering its own payment system displays for electronic attack; in 41 branches hotel around the world.

Life hotels had to launch a formal warning to all its customers in 11 States, including Saudi Arabia, that their personal information may be subject to violation by a group of pirates launched an attack on “propulsion system”.

She was “discovered” payment system for electronic attack (18 March 2017) (2 July 2017) means that hackers were able to log onto the system for hotels and information about pay, according to the British newspaper “daily mail”.

The smooth warned clients that piracy means revealing many of their information, such as names and card numbers, expiration date, and the internal investigation symbols the cards that were used manually and electronically registering customers to enter the hotel.

The newspaper said 41 branches in 12 countries around the world was subjected to abuse, including branches of the hotel in the Kingdom and India and Japan, noting that China was most affected by electronic attack where 18 Hotel facility in China for assault, and 3 hotel facilities also abuse Both Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Discover the hotel’s electronic security group a hacking, enables an unknown destination from the assault on the hotel’s own payment system in July, and then began an extensive investigation being electronic security group ended last Thursday.

In turn, the head of operations group life “doubt Floyd” a small percentage of payment cards used by the hotel clients who entered the hotel in a while being affected by piracy; hacking process.

Floyd said the hotel’s visitors they have taken all measures that could be taken, and keen to do all he could to prevent the recurrence of such an incident again, asserting that the eagerness to communicate with all customers affected by the hacking process despite the limited numbers.

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